HYLA - the air and room cleaning system binds dirt and dust by water.

Fresh indoor air supports your health and contributes to your well-being.


A healthy home supports and enhances quality of life - Healthy air should be a given for everyone, with every breath.

HYLA has focused on these fundamental requirements and existential goals to develop an air disinfection and space purification system that is responsible for a proven clean air and environment, enabling a quality living space.

We have all become witnesses to the fact that life circumstances can change drastically in a very short time. Living together, responsibility and future are redefined and the topic of cleaning and disinfection have reached a top priority.

HYLA's air disinfection and room cleaning system includes products for surface cleaning - surface disinfection, floor cleaning - floor disinfection and air cleaning - air disinfection.

Different components ensure lasting disinfected rooms, not only occasionally or for short periods during the use. Our System & the accessories work sustainable and forward-looking. We speak of a preventive disinfection of rooms.


Our Air Disinfection and Room cleaning system has developed solutions that, for example, are able to rid your environment of the air of bacteria and at the same time, with a pleasant, relaxing, or to enrich a fruity scent (HYLA AERA in combination with AQUA FRESH Desinfectant Air and/or essences.

Disinfection as the First!

The Floor cleaning and Disinfection different floor coverings masters of the successful and popular HYLA EST. A Water vacuum cleanerthat is without vacuum cleaner bags , filters or bags, pet hair removed and, in particular, suitable for Allergy sufferers.

Here is the same effective & environmentally friendly System intervenes, such as in the case of HYLA AERA and the Vacuum cleaner catches dirt and bacteria directly in the vessel, and binds them in the water.

The product range of HYLA linked to the Cleaning and Disinfection of surfaces and air, so that you live & Breathe remains as natural as possible.