About us

As SOMO Naturwaren we are as a family with the heart and spirit behind our products and our Belief:

Our well-being, is worth it. 

Our Story

The brand SOMO® was founded more than 30 years ago, and resembles the ear candle and candle in a Premium quality. Since October 2019, the unique pieces are produced in Kleinmürbisch and led by Martin Deisenhofer KG.

The top priority for us-SOMO® natural family manufactory is to live hand in all its forms, to support and to be preserved for future generations. The energy of joy and happiness during the Creation, the Crafting, and creating, the one-to-one in the products. You see, you can feel it! This ancient Knowledge is discovered by us!      

Zoe Vita

"What is really useful for the people, the animals and the nature in all its usefulness?"

The Association ZoeVita® Institute for the research, development, preservation of natural spaces of experience has set itself the goal: to unite people across generations, animals and nature.


The Association ZoeVita® performs a Farm "Kleinmürbischer yard" brand NatUrhof garden dedicated to the original cut. Animals, people and nature together and it's wonderful products from it manually is grown, harvested and for your well-being processed..