Ear candles

Clarification, relaxation, deceleration of everyday life ... for my well-being

Through the loving handwork in our in-house manufacture in southern Burgenland, each candle is unique. Only the best wax mixtures, high-quality herbal oils and pure beeswax are used in our candles.

What are ear candles

Ear candle is a natural remedy (home remedy) widely used by primitive peoples and our great-grandparents and should not be missing in any household. Its use brings not only a liberating feeling for head and ears, but also sometimes amazing success with disorders in the sinus and sinus area, diffuse ringing in the ears, ringing in the ears, tinnitus, ear pain, chronic ear complaints, hearing difficulties (acute or age-related), head pressure, migraine, circulatory disorder of the ears, rhinitis, cane sniffles, lymphatic congestion in the neck and throat area. The rays of the flame bring purification and warmth to your aura in this area of the body.

Mode of action

The burning SOMO® PREMIUM SAFETY EAR CANDLE draws air from below and thus creates a negative pressure inside the ear.

This introduces beeswax and herb condensate, which is produced during the combustion process, into the ear. This condensate is a transport medium for heat conduction. Rising air and descending condensate create a ventilation effect in the ear. This process causes a strong activation of metabolic and lymphatic functions in the head area. Inflammatory processes are locally influenced in a targeted manner, waste products are removed more quickly and important zones in the inner ear are functionally and energetically activated. The self-cleansing of the inner ear (earwax transport with the help of cilia) is stimulated.

Our Focus

  • Handmade premium quality from Austria
  • Produced in our in-house manufactory
  • Each SOMO® Ear and body candle is unique
  • Great-grandmother's proven natural remedy should not be missing in any medicine cabinet!
  • Drip protection For your safety
  • Does not slip into the ear canal seals perfectly to the auricle
  • Uniform Burning Process
  • Residue-Free Combustion
  • Flash-marking with 6cm – on request
  • Special wax blends are also VEGAN
  • Herbal Oils of the highest quality
  • Smaller diameter for children's ears

How do I apply the ear candle?

The use of ear candles is very simple and complements your medicine cabinet!                                                                            Provide a glass of water for preparation. The application takes place in a relaxed side position. The second person lights the ear candle at the slightly frayed end. The other end with the integrated drip protection is gently sealing on the ear canal vertically and burned up to 6 cm. The rest is extinguished in the glass with water. Under an application one understands that this is always carried out with both ears! It is beneficial to drink pure water after each treatment and take some time to rest and relax. Initially, white herbal vapor escapes, please better seal by gently pressing against the ear canal.

Application recommendation:

3 applications in the 1st week

2 applications in the 2nd week

1 application each in the 3rd and 4th week


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Ear candles for delicate children's ears or smaller auricles

For children, adolescents and people with small auricles, we offer our own SOMO® PREMIUM CHILDREN'S SAFETY EAR CANDLES with a smaller diameter.

For prevention or cleaning we recommend one application monthly

In case of acute, severe diseases in the ear-head area, be sure to consult your doctor.

Individually personalized ear candle

We are happy to produce for you according to your requirements!

To Note

If secretions (mucus) are released from the nose after a few hours, this is a common, normal reaction. Please do not use on plastic replacement parts and various artificial aids or hole in the ear.

In case of acute, severe diseases in the ear-head area, consult your doctor immediately!

If toothache occurs after a few applications, please consult the dentist, it could be an indication of inflammation

All recommendations are empirical values of long-standing users, great-grandparents and HOPI Indians, which, however, have nothing in common with medical effect promises! But they can powerfully complement a therapy!

The SOMO® ear and body candles are a purely natural remedy and do not replace a doctor or psychotherapist!